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music for the people


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Since 1995: a V6 community
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. about this community .

since_1995 is a community dedicated to V6: six radiant beings who serenade the masses, do backflips off each other's shoulders, act in just about everything on stage and screen, and go on road trips and behave like middle schoolers.

the rules are unbelievably simple. please do not break them or we will all be sad.
  • be excellent to each other.
  • check the tags before posting!
  • media (shows, music, etc) that aren't fanworks go in unlimited
  • don't repost something if the author does not want it reposted. yes, this is a free internet, but not everyone wants things reposted and spread around. i will not be responsible for your nonsense.
  • absolutely no johnny's net video reuploads or j-web screenshots. we get so few nice things, please don't ruin it.
  • no self-introduction posts. ask before you advertise your community.
  • try to keep preview images under 350px x350px. no more than 3 images outside a cut.
  • your beneficent mod would appreciate if you could knock off the weeaboo japanese. it adds nothing to the discussion and just isn't cute. so please stop. please. i am asking nicely.

. about v6 .

  • formed 09.04.1995, debuted 11.01.1995 as the image characters for the volleyball world cup with "music for the people."
  • divided by age into two sub-groups (a la hikaru genji): 20th century/tonisen (sakamoto masayuki, nagano hiroshi, inohara yoshihiko) and coming century/kamisen (morita go, miyake ken, okada junichi).
  • have to date released 13 studio albums, 2 mini-albums, 3 best-of albums, and 45 singles as V6. tonisen have released 2 albums, 3 singles, and 1 best-of album. kamisen have released 2 singles and 2 albums.
  • acted together in the best movies starring a single band since "a hard day's night" : "hard luck hero" (2003) and "hold up down" (2005), and did voice-acting for the japanese dub of "thunderbirds" (2003). kamisen acted in "cosmic rescue" (2003).
  • currently host アメージパング!!〜オレたち ご当地外国人〜 (amazipang! our foreigners living in japan), airing tuesdays on tbs.
  • formed one-third of j-friends, along with kinki kids and tokio.
  • your mod wrote a series of intro posts on the group and each member here

. links .

johnny's netavex sitelayoutprofile

your friendly mod : sociologique

affiliates : v6_unlimited
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