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21 April 2015 @ 09:48 am
Brigit's Ticket Buying Guide  
Welcome to Brigit's ticket buying guide aka "HELP I NEED TO GO SEE V6 OR I WILL DIE AND I'M NOT BEING HYPERBOLIC -- I WILL ACTUALLY CEASE TO EXIST IF I DON'T GO." OK so this is for eeyore_kun and anyone else who may need it. This is basically an updated version of other ticket buying guides I've seen out there.

As you all may or may not be aware, JTicket (and with it, JTicket International) closed down around March of 2014, leaving those of us who don't live in or have immediate connections in Japan completely boned, to use the totally scientific term. So where does that leave us? Well, we're back to where we were before our lovely JTicket International: we either get deputies to join the FC for us, beg our friends, try to buy tickets off Twitter or mixi, use a middleman to bid on tickets on Yahoo! Auctions/ticket.co.jp, or we stand outside the venue and beg. Let's go over how those work. A lot of info that I'm using in this post I'm taking from friends' experiences and this post. You should also bookmark/add that post to your memories. Seriously, you never know when you might need it later.

Having someone else join the FC for you
This is tricky because it's technically illegal! But we already do a lot of technically illegal things in fandom so fuck it, YOLO.

So what you do at this point is you find either a friend who's willing to let you use their address (and is willing to say you live at their place if the FC happens to call to confirm (they've literally never called to confirm anything in time time I've been doing stuff but there's always a statistical chance they will, so I'm letting you know now)) or you find a deputy service. nb: you cannot use tenso.com to join an FC! A friend had signed up for Tenso to do just that, only to find out that you can't use their service for FCs or concert tickets.

Let's say you have your friend or deputy and you're all ready to join. If your friend has no idea how to join the FC, here's the J&A page for how to fill out the furikomi and join. You'll owe your friend 5000 yen: 4000 of that is your yearly fee, 1000 of that is the fee to join. Deputies generally charge more (mine charged me around $80 total). Memberships take about a month to process, so if you're trying to ballot for V6 tickets for this tour, odds are you're going to be SOL. A friend and I got our memberships sent in at the end of March and we're now waiting to hear back if we managed to get in in time to ballot, since the FC email said it starts sometime in May. (As an aside, I remember from Arashi's Scene tour that they extended the membership and balloting period to allow people more time ballot for tickets but there's no guarantee they'll do it for this tour).

How to Ballot: I'd honestly read this post (at the very end) because it's all there and explained well. The basic process is that you use the form they send you or you print off the PDF from the FC site and fill out your desired dates: usually 3 specific and then one "anytime" date. When you ballot, you send in ALL YOUR MONEY for each ticket (so if each V6 ticket costs 8200Y (plus a 500y service fee maybe? idk if it's included) and you want 4 tickets, you send in 32,800Y. nb: this is PER DATE. So if you want to ballot for a lot of dates, you're going to be out some serious change) and then wait to hear if you heard back. Hold on to your ATM receipt and wait for your refund for the shows for which you didn't hit (they'll send it in the mail). To calm your anxiety while you wait, imagine Johnny swimming in your money like Scrooge McDuck!

As an update to the above post, you can still call to see if you hit for tickets (though from what my sensei who was in the SMAP and Arashi FCs told me, it's a pain to get through), but this time for the NEWS tour, my friend says they sent her an email about which dates she balloted for and didn't hit (basically leaving her to use deductive reasoning to figure out which date she DID hit for). My friend says she got her email right when ballot results came out, along with the number to call, and that was about 2 weeks after balloting closed. This also depends on when your date is, so if you balloted for a date further out, you're not going to hear back until closer to the time of the show. So she heard back early because she balloted for one of the early dates, but her friends who balloted for later dates didn't hear back until later (still with plenty of time to get there but more like a month after balloting was done?). A couple weeks before the show, they send your tickets.

I can't join the FC: how screwed am I?

Short answer: not totally but still kinda screwed.

Long answer: you're going to have more of an uphill battle. Here's some ways you can still manage to get tickets. It's also important to note that if you're buying tickets off a FC member, there's the possibility of ID checks at the venue. You're going to want to ask the person to include a note with the tickets signed with their hanko saying that like, you're their friend and they couldn't go to the show. Johnny's doesn't allow tickets to be resold but they are all the time and everyone just goes with it (though iirc Arashi said years ago like "stop selling our tickets for so much money, we want everyone to be able to come to see us" but that clearly hasn't stopped people 8D).

Twitter: This will necessitate either having really good Japanese skills or having someone with really good Japanese skills help you. Fans are more and more selling or exchanging tickets on Twitter and you can usually find them for face value. When it gets to be closer to time, I would follow @v6_gticket and start looking for tickets there. They'll retweet fans who follow the account and who are either looking for or selling their tickets.

Mixi or Playguide: I never got in on Mixi and the only time I've bought a ticket via the Lawson ticket machine, my friend and I were kinda drunk and I don't remember much of it (don't judge me; you don't know my life), so I'm going to direct you to the post in a_ra_shi again.

Ticket.co.jp: Here's where it gets to be tricky. You'll need someone with a Japanese address, phone number, AND CREDIT CARD PROBABLY to get an account and bid for you. This will mean either a deputy or a very nice, very dedicated friend. Tickets here can get really expensive, so be prepared to also throw down some serious money. You can also sell tickets for dates you hit for but don't want here, but again, you'll need to do it through a deputy or a friend because it's Japan-only.

Yahoo! Auctions: Another site where you can bid on tickets and sell yours. Tenso has a service where you can bid on Yahoo! Auctions but I honestly have no idea if that would work for this, since it's basically like Tenso where your tickets get sent to their warehouse and then forwarded on to a location outside of Japan. Given that tickets come only a couple weeks before the tour date, I wouldn't really recommend this. I mean, you can try? but you won't have a ton of time to get your tickets and get them sent to you before you get to Japan. You might also just see about having them sent to your buddy's place in Japan, but I have no idea if you can do that with Buyee. It would honestly be about a hundred times easier to just have a deputy or friend do the bidding for you on regular Yahoo! Auctions and get the tickets sent to their place or to a 7-11 or Lawson or something.

Also, this part from the other post is important, so I'm going to quote it:

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: If you are buying tickets online after tickets have been mailed out, do not buy a ticket with the fanclub member's name, fanclub number, specific seat information, or serial numbers posted on the web. JE will cancel those seats. Online sellers generally are smart enough not to get any more specific than the gate and row number, but always double-check before buying or bidding!

Idol Shops: You can also still go to the idol shops in Harajuku (and probably elsewhere but I've only ever been to one in Harajuku) and buy tickets there. I went through in 2012 when I was thinking of going to the NEWS and TOKIO tours but they were about $100 each and just didn't want to fork over that much money for nosebleed seats. You can generally find a good variety of dates and stuff, but there's no guarantee. Also, obviously, you'll either have to be in Japan or have a friend willing to go and get them for you.


Deep breath, friend. We'll get through this.

You're not totally SOL. Again, you can check the idol shops and see if they have anything. It might be the worst seat in the house, but it'll be better than nothing.

Your last option is to get to the venue (and I would get there really early) and stand outside with a sign that says チケット1枚譲って下さい or something similar (also, obvs substitute the number of tickets you want). This has worked for an old language school classmate, an online friend, and my sensei when they went to see Arashi on the Dream A-live, 5x10, and Scene tours but my sample is probably biased. I saw a LOT of girls outside the Kobe venue waiting to buy tickets when I went to buy NEWS goods in 2012 and I honestly have no idea how many of them actually got them. So, be wary. You may have amazing luck, or you may be totally boned. It definitely doesn't hurt to try, especially if this is your last resort (and for most people, it pretty much is).

That's really about it. If anyone else has any tips or tricks, feel free to leave it in comments and I can update this post as needed. This is all knowledge I've cobbled together through other posts or through friends, since I was lucky enough to be able to use JTicket International in 2011 and 2013 both times I was finally able to go see V6. The short of it all is that if you're not in Japan, it's not impossible to get a ticket, but it will be about fifty times harder. Use your fangirly fervour to your advantage and you should come out on top. Good luck! If you have any questions or need help with stuff (within reason; I do have my own life), I can do my best to answer and help, or direct someone to you who can help. Go forth, friends!
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eeyore_kuneeyore_kun on April 21st, 2015 10:56 pm (UTC)
Thanks Brigit! Let's hope there's a kind soul who would be able to help me ^.^
mabo_tofumabo_tofu on May 26th, 2015 03:18 am (UTC)
Thanks! Just by reading this I'm getting nervous and excited at the same time!