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17 September 2014 @ 11:15 am
[ news ] New Single: "Sky's the Limit"  
I was just thinking how I needed to update with what everyone is doing and then this morning, we finally got info on the new single! Reminder that this is the theme to Ken's daytime drama, "Hottokenai Majoutachi." Everything below is copied from my tumblr, so you're not missing anything if you saw it there. Everything is always subject to change, but this should be what we're getting. All this is all translated from v6_club on twitter. I'll update this post with links to buy things when it finally starts getting put up on CDJapan and Amazon.co.jp.

First Press LE CD+DVD and Music Card (ver A)

  • "Sky's the Limit"

  • "Eyes to eyes"

  • "Sky's the Limit" MV and making-of

  • Music Card: "Sky's the Limit" and "Sky's the Limit ("Hottokenai Majoutachi" version)" and "Ashita ga Kuru kara" all member recording DVD (think "Wonder World" extra on the "Musicmind" DVD)

CD+DVD (ver B)

  • "Sky's the Limit"

  • "Eyes to eyes"

  • DVD: "Sky's the Limit" dance version
  • DVD: "Right Before Their 20th Anniversary: Goodbye, avex Building!" A Special Stuffed with 20 Years of V6's Memories

  • "Sky's the Limit" Music Card (same as ver. A)

CD (ver C)

  • "Sky's the Limit"

  • "Eyes to eyes"

  • "Ashita ga Kuru kara" ("Because Tomorrow Will Come")

  • "Kimi ga Inai Sekai" ("A World Without You")

  • First press of C is CD/DVD and has same contents as A

Music Card Info

Using a PC or smartphone, enter the code, fill out the form, and you'll be able to download the contents.