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04 September 2014 @ 09:49 pm
V6 Weekly Report: 2014.09.04  
Before I pass out, let's get this posted.

TV Guest:
05 Sep: Sakamoto on "Hottokenai Majoutachi" (as himself, it seems?)
11 Sep: Nagano on "VS Arashi" (Team Kanagawa)

TV Regular:
01 Sep: Ken in "Hottokenai Majoutachi"
"The Profiler" is also returning soon
Note: I'll only be updating this for new shows. If you want me to update with all the shows they're on, let me know

WINK UP: Tonisen
Musical: Tonisen
DaVinci: Okada
Nikkei WOMAN: Okada
AneCan: Okada
Kinema Junpou: Okada
Current Music: Sabaton - Back in Control