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26 August 2014 @ 08:04 am
V6 Weekly Report: 2014.08.26  
Let's try doing this, shall we? If it's annoying or you dudes just don't care, let me know.

27 Aug: "Namida no Ato ga Kieru Koro"
Undated: "Sky's the Limit" (new song for Ken's new show)

TV Guest:
28 Aug: Ken on "VS Arashi"
29 Aug: V6 on "Music Station"
11 Sep: Nagano on "VS Arashi" (Team Kanagawa)

Go has also been doing promos for "Buenos Aires no Gozen Reiji (Midnight in Buenos Aires)"

TV Regular:
01 Sep: Ken in "Hottokenai Majoutachi"
Note: I'll only be updating this for new shows. If you want me to update with all the shows they're on, let me know

STAGE SQUARE: Tonisen and Ken
An-An: Okada
TV Guide: Nagano
Stella: Okada
TV Pia: Okada
TV Station: Ken, Okada