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09 February 2017 @ 12:57 pm
Hello! i am selling many of my Johnnys and other artists' stuff because i am moving and all of it will not fit into the new place.

- i can only ship within Indonesia and Japan (buyers from other countries may request if you have a friend living in one of these countries to help you out).
- All prices are not including shipping fees. (PM me for prices in Japanese yen if the shipping is within Japan)

PM or comment for details and pictures :)

Long time, no see, community! I come to you today to scream about Maa-kun's first solo concert! I'm basically reposting stuff I've posted on tumblr, along with a translation of the official site that went up the other night.

news article about the musicalCollapse )
official siteCollapse )

Balloting is on now and ends November 25th. Results will come via email on December 9th. As stated above, regular tickets go on sale December 26th. Good luck to those of us balloting!
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02 July 2015 @ 09:59 am
Good morning, friends! Here's some updates:

01. It's Ken's birthday! Happy birthday, Ken! ♥

02. Balloting results are out* and if you're trying to get a ticket via Playguide (remember Playguide is Japan-only (like everything else)), those tickets go on sale for each venue on August 9th at 10AM JST.

03. There's an ADORABLE little sugoroku game on the Avex site! Learn about V6's history and watch PVs! If this isn't the cutest advert for an album ever, I don't know what is.

04. Don't forget that "SUPER VERY BEST" is coming out on the 29th!

*I don't yet know which dates I hit for (if I hit for any) so I must continue to suffer in silence. This is pure torture.
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21 April 2015 @ 09:48 am
Welcome to Brigit's ticket buying guide aka "HELP I NEED TO GO SEE V6 OR I WILL DIE AND I'M NOT BEING HYPERBOLIC -- I WILL ACTUALLY CEASE TO EXIST IF I DON'T GO." OK so this is for eeyore_kun and anyone else who may need it. This is basically an updated version of other ticket buying guides I've seen out there.

a whole tonne of wordsCollapse )That's really about it. If anyone else has any tips or tricks, feel free to leave it in comments and I can update this post as needed. This is all knowledge I've cobbled together through other posts or through friends, since I was lucky enough to be able to use JTicket International in 2011 and 2013 both times I was finally able to go see V6. The short of it all is that if you're not in Japan, it's not impossible to get a ticket, but it will be about fifty times harder. Use your fangirly fervour to your advantage and you should come out on top. Good luck! If you have any questions or need help with stuff (within reason; I do have my own life), I can do my best to answer and help, or direct someone to you who can help. Go forth, friends!
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19 March 2015 @ 09:11 am
Goooood morning, V6 fans! As you may or may not have heard, V6 announced their 20th anniversary tour about two hours ago! Here are the dates:

cut for your friends pageCollapse )

So we were exactly right on when the tour would start, especially given Okada's current filming schedule. If you're going to ballot/try to get tickets in general, which shows are you aiming for?

Also, for those of us with Johnny's Web, we can request 3 album/coupling and 3 single songs we'd like to see on the tour. You can only do it once per account per day, and the balloting period goes through April 20th at 12PM JST.
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15 February 2015 @ 04:43 pm
Most everyone's probably seen these already, but just letting everyone know I added the link to my V6 intro posts in the community info. If you haven't seen them, they're here and detail each member and the group as a whole. Feel free to spread them around ♥

Also, suggestions for how to keep this place more active are always appreciated. Do we like the weekly posts about what everyone is doing? Would y'all want me to organize more watch parties for things? Would you like to be updated when we're playing Cards Against Humanities with our Johnny's deck? Should I just chill?
01 December 2014 @ 10:16 am
Good morning, friends. Stuff has been happening lately but I haven't been updating you on that and for that, I am sorry. I'm a bad mod. But, I'm trying to get back into fandom and one of the ways I'm doing it is by organizing a "Hold Up Down" watch party for any of us who either haven't seen it or who want to see it for the 800th time.

First we have to decide on a day, which you can help me do here. After we figure out a day, we can work on a time that might work for everyone.

I think it'll be really fun, even if we're all just sitting in front of our computers, laughing like big stupids, so try to join us if you can! ♥
17 September 2014 @ 11:15 am
I was just thinking how I needed to update with what everyone is doing and then this morning, we finally got info on the new single! Reminder that this is the theme to Ken's daytime drama, "Hottokenai Majoutachi." Everything below is copied from my tumblr, so you're not missing anything if you saw it there. Everything is always subject to change, but this should be what we're getting. All this is all translated from v6_club on twitter. I'll update this post with links to buy things when it finally starts getting put up on CDJapan and Amazon.co.jp.

First Press LE CD+DVD and Music Card (ver A)

  • "Sky's the Limit"

  • "Eyes to eyes"

  • "Sky's the Limit" MV and making-of

  • Music Card: "Sky's the Limit" and "Sky's the Limit ("Hottokenai Majoutachi" version)" and "Ashita ga Kuru kara" all member recording DVD (think "Wonder World" extra on the "Musicmind" DVD)

CD+DVD (ver B)

  • "Sky's the Limit"

  • "Eyes to eyes"

  • DVD: "Sky's the Limit" dance version
  • DVD: "Right Before Their 20th Anniversary: Goodbye, avex Building!" A Special Stuffed with 20 Years of V6's Memories

  • "Sky's the Limit" Music Card (same as ver. A)

CD (ver C)

  • "Sky's the Limit"

  • "Eyes to eyes"

  • "Ashita ga Kuru kara" ("Because Tomorrow Will Come")

  • "Kimi ga Inai Sekai" ("A World Without You")

  • First press of C is CD/DVD and has same contents as A

Music Card Info

Using a PC or smartphone, enter the code, fill out the form, and you'll be able to download the contents.

04 September 2014 @ 09:49 pm
Before I pass out, let's get this posted.

TV Guest:
05 Sep: Sakamoto on "Hottokenai Majoutachi" (as himself, it seems?)
11 Sep: Nagano on "VS Arashi" (Team Kanagawa)

TV Regular:
01 Sep: Ken in "Hottokenai Majoutachi"
"The Profiler" is also returning soon
Note: I'll only be updating this for new shows. If you want me to update with all the shows they're on, let me know

WINK UP: Tonisen
Musical: Tonisen
DaVinci: Okada
Nikkei WOMAN: Okada
AneCan: Okada
Kinema Junpou: Okada
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26 August 2014 @ 08:04 am
Let's try doing this, shall we? If it's annoying or you dudes just don't care, let me know.

27 Aug: "Namida no Ato ga Kieru Koro"
Undated: "Sky's the Limit" (new song for Ken's new show)

TV Guest:
28 Aug: Ken on "VS Arashi"
29 Aug: V6 on "Music Station"
11 Sep: Nagano on "VS Arashi" (Team Kanagawa)

Go has also been doing promos for "Buenos Aires no Gozen Reiji (Midnight in Buenos Aires)"

TV Regular:
01 Sep: Ken in "Hottokenai Majoutachi"
Note: I'll only be updating this for new shows. If you want me to update with all the shows they're on, let me know

STAGE SQUARE: Tonisen and Ken
An-An: Okada
TV Guide: Nagano
Stella: Okada
TV Pia: Okada
TV Station: Ken, Okada